February 4, 2016


NCBJ manages CLE & CPE credit reporting for all ABI, AIRA, CLLA and NCBJ programs at the conference. NCBJ will issue CLE Certificates; AIRA will issue CPE Certificates.

NCBJ submits educational materials to each of the states that require CLE credits. NCBJ cannot predict when any specific state will approve or deny a program. We assume that the combination of all programs scheduled October 26 – 29 in San Francisco will offer at least 17 CLE credits. Due to concurrent/overlapping programs, any individual is likely to earn about 12 credits max.

ABA administers CLEs for their programs. NCBJ attendees must be registered to attend ABA programs (a separate fee when registering for the conference) in order to receive CLEs through ABA. Contact Katie Koszyk at ABA directly with questions regarding their programs.


At Conference
Eight states (California, Delaware, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania) require that you sign in and out each day of the program. Sign-In sheets are near NCBJ registration in Yerba Buena Foyer.

CPE: Daily Sign In is mandatory for all states. Sign-In sheets are near the NCBJ registration in Yerba Buena Foyer.

Post Conference
CLE & CPE: Submit your attendance via NCBJ’s online affidavit form by Monday, November 21, 2016, 5:00 pm PT, Report Attendance Here (This link will be online October 26 – November 30 only). Once you have submitted your affidavit, you will get a submission receipt email. Please watch for that email within 24 hours of submission. All CLE Certificates of Attendance will be emailed as each state acknowledges receipt of the submitted names. If you have applied for CLE in more than one state, watch for multiple emails.

The Attendance reporting Affidavit for
NCBJ 2016 is now closed.

After November 21, 2016: If an attendee fails to submit his or her affidavit prior to November 21, he or she will be excluded from the NCBJ batch filings. Attendees not in the NCBJ group batch will be responsible for self-reporting and paying any fees due to their state. Questions regarding the affidavit and processing can be directed to Rebecca Meekma.

CLE questions: Rebecca Meekma

CPE questions: Cheryl Campbell

ABA questions: Katie Koszyk