February 4, 2016

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Anyone wishing to attend any session or event at NCBJ 2016 must register online.

Transfer Policy
Transfer requests must be received in writing no later than October 10, 2016. The attendee who “receives” the transferred registration pays a $100 service fee at time of registration.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation requests must be received in writing by September 25, 2016. Registration fee will be refunded minus a $100 service fee; Guest registrations will be refunded minus a $25 service fee. Optional sessions will be refunded minus a $25 service fee per session. Transfer and Cancellation requests can be emailed to Rebecca Meekma. Absolutely no refunds will be issued after September 25, 2016.

Speaker Policy
If you are a speaker at NCBJ 2016 please check in with the organization for whom you are speaking regarding registration and expenses policy.

Badge Policy
Recent events have led NCBJ to review our annual conference security procedures. NCBJ conference events and functions are limited to registered attendees and guests. At the meeting each registered person is issued a badge and meal tickets, if included in their registration type. For security reasons, only people wearing 2016 badges will be allowed entry into the secured areas of the conference. This includes educational, social, exhibit, meals, and networking areas. Both your badge and the meal ticket will be required to participate in meal functions.

This NCBJ policy, which has been effect for several years, will be more stringently enforced during the upcoming San Francisco conference. If you fail to wear your 2016 NCBJ badge, you will not be admitted to conference areas, or will be escorted out. NCBJ, Marriott security and the U.S. Marshals thank you for your cooperation in wearing your 2016 NCBJ badge at all times during the conference and the associated events and helping NCBJ provide enhanced security for all participants.

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