January 25, 2017


McCarran International Airport (airport code LAS) serves Las Vegas and the surrounding vicinity. It is located less than four miles from Paris Las Vegas Casino & Resort, making travel to and from the airport easy and convenient.  Group shuttle prices currently range from $14-20, and may be boarded at:

Terminal 1
Group shuttles are available on the west side of baggage claim, outside door exits 7 – 13. Airport personnel are available to help queue the lines and provide assistance as needed.  

Terminal 3
At Terminal 3, shuttles are conveniently located outside on Level Zero on the west end of the building to serve domestic travelers and on the east side of the building to accommodate international travelers.  Quick exit lanes will allow traffic to leave the airport quickly and airport personnel are available to assist as needed. 

Shared limousine service ranges from $28-$40 or more, and private service begins at $90. One-way taxi service can be expected to be about $15-$25. All prices are exclusive of tip.

Major carriers that serve McCarran:

Jet Blue
Southwest Spirit
Virgin America

This is not a complete list of all of the airlines flying into McCarran. There are a multitude of smaller carriers and foreign flag carriers available as well. McCarran uses dynamic assignment of arriving and departing planes to gates based on availability.  Don’t be surprised if you arrive and depart at very different gates for the same airline.

McCarran International Airport is a comfortable airport, with plenty to do if you arrive early and have time before your flight departs. Possible activities include: Dining • Shopping • Viewing the airport artwork • McCarran Fitness Walks • Gaming • Touring the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum exhibits