February 4, 2016


Do you have your firm’s support to attend NCBJ? Ever considered requesting it? Making the case for time off and support for travel and expenses to attend a conference requires a solid understanding of the potential benefits to your firm/company and colleagues. And, you need to be able to communicate those benefits clearly—especially in times of tight budgets. Use the information that follows to help make your case.


  1. Familiarize yourself with NCBJ conference schedule and education programs, identifying sessions, events, and affiliate programs that would improve your practice.
  2. Gather the costs, showing how much can be saved by registering, making hotel reservations and booking travel early.
  3. Earn a majority of required CLE/CPE credits for the year at NCBJ.
  4. Share the attendance stats (175 bankruptcy judges and over 1,500 insolvency professionals) planning to attend NCBJ. Identify judges’ you would like to meet or hear speak.
  5. Put together a draft plan for how essential tasks will get covered while you’re away, including how technology will keep you accessible and in touch as needed.
  6. Your personal brand gets stronger when you actively participate in the insolvency community and get known outside of your local circle. Conference attendance shows that the firm is committed to professional development, continuing education, improving its services and outreach.
  7. If your firm/company is expanding in other geographic areas in the future, start to build your network in that local community.