Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum

The Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, located along the River Walk, is arguably the finest museum in San Antonio, and is one of the best museums in Texas. The museum is named after its original benefactor, Marion Koogler McNay. It is housed in what was her house, a Spanish-Mediterranean mansion built in the 1920s on a 23-acre estate, with 45,000 sq. ft. added for gallery space. The museum features 19th and 20th century America and European art. The 20,000 piece collection includes works by Mary Cassatt, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Edward Hopper, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Diego Rivera, and Vincent Van Gogh. There are visiting major exhibitions, a sculpture gallery and garden, a lecture hall, and classrooms for educational programs.

Living in New Mexico, I was interested to see the museum includes a collection of New Mexico art that includes furniture, jewelry, paintings, pottery, and textiles. McNay accumulated a New Mexico art collection during a time when she actively participated in artists’ colonies in New Mexico in the 1930s.

Stroll around the grounds to see fountains, goldfish ponds, Japanese-style gardens, and streams.  And while in the museum, don’t overlook the ornamental wrought iron, rare tiles and woods that adorn the mansion.

The museum is located at 6000 N. New Braunfels Ave. It is closed on Mondays. There is an admission charge except Thursday night.

Museum photo from the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum website