Are you interested in an annual consumer bankruptcy meeting at the NCBJ conference?

There has been interest expressed in creating an annual “Consumer Bankruptcy Meeting” during the annual NCBJ conference. To that end, we have planned a “meet and greet” on Monday October 29 right after the NCBJ, UST, NABT, NACTT Joint Committee Meeting in the same conference room (13‐14). The meeting would start at 3:45 pm and its purpose would be see about the formation of an annual open meeting on consumer related bankruptcy issues at future NCBJ Conferences. The idea of the annual meeting is to have representatives from the various consumer related groups, such as the Trustee groups, NACBA and the National Creditors Bar Association and anyone else that is interested, present to discuss focused topics affecting the consumer bankruptcy practice on a national level.

The meeting on the 29th should not be a long. It is simply an opportunity to discuss whether such a future annual meeting is possible and if so, to gather thoughts on how should it be conducted.