Please use the following button to submit your attendance at educational sessions. This form, “Affidavit of Attendance,” will be available through Friday, October 30, 2015. NCBJ encourages you to submit your affidavit in a timely manner.

Questions regarding the affidavit and processing can be directed to Sarah at

CLE/CPE Reporting Helpful Hints

CLE: Eight states (California, Delaware, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania) require that you sign in and out EACH DAY of the program. Sign-In sheets available near NCBJ registration.

CPE: Daily Sign In is mandatory for all states. Sign-In Sheets available near NCBJ  registration.

Attendees can begin filling out and submitting forms as soon as the conference starts and a session has been offered and concluded. You can save and return to your form throughout the event. IE: On Monday night, fill out and save Monday’s info and then go back into the same form on Tuesday and Wednesday, finish filling it out and then submit.

The form has a SUBMIT button on the Right and a SAVE & Resume Later button in the center of the page. When you hit the save button, you will receive an email with the link to your form; use that link to modify/adjust the form and then submit it. If you start your form and save, the form can only be modified and then submitted for 7 (seven) days.

Watch your email for messages from Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters submits the educational materials to each of the 46 states that require CLE credit. NCBJ cannot predict when any specific state will approve or deny a program, or which states will approve a certain program. Some of them take a long time to process applications. We assume that the combination of all programs scheduled September 27 – 30, 2015 in Miami will offer at least 18 CLE credits. Due to concurrent programs, any individual is likely to earn about 13 credits max.

If an Attendee fails to complete the Affidavit prior to October 30, 2015, they are excluded from the NCBJ batch filings. Attendees not in the NCBJ group batch are responsible for self-reporting and paying any fees due to their state.

The TMA breakfast program and the ABI Luncheon program do not offer credits.

NCBJ processes the CLE and CPE credits for the NCBJ, ABI, AIRA and CLLA programs. ABA issues credits for all ABA programs - see the ABA registration desk for information.