The 1257 pages of written materials for the NCBJ Plenary and Concurrent sessions are now available either as an entire NCBJ sessions volume, or individually for each NCBJ program plus there are 11 separate affiliated program links including ABI, AIRA and CLLA.

These materials are available online for your downloading. Due to the materials length, and for full bookmark functionality, we recommend that you download prior to arriving at the conference. The “jump start to end” bookmark functionality works on PC or tablet if you download first, then use the downloaded file and not the PDF opened on a webpage.

The NCBJ written materials book is a 30(mb) very large document. The affiliate program materials are in addition to the book. We strongly recommend that you  DOWNLOAD to your hard drive or a 64(mb) USB drive, and not just open or print  the document from the website. When you download, it will also preserve the bookmark feature in the left hand column of the PDF, which helps with navigation through the NCBJ sessions document.

You may also choose to view, print or save each individual program's materials session-by-session.

The written materials login and password will be emailed to all registrants the week of September 7th and a second reminder on the week of September 15th. If you have not received the password email by September 18th, contact rmeekma@jbsmgmt.com.

CLLA, ABI, AIRA and TMA program materials will be posted on this website when/if available from the organizations. If you registered for the ABA programs as part of the NCBJ registration and paid the ABA $160 materials/CLE fee, instructions on how to download the complete ABA materials will be sent to you by ABA.

You use the same NCBJ username and password each time you access this website’s Extensive Written Materials landing page to download materials.

NCBJ Plenary and Concurrent Session Note Taking Outlines booklet will be provided in your Miami registration bag at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Luster Gallerie NCBJ Registration Desk.

The 2015 materials will be available for downloading until December 31, 2015.