American Bankruptcy Institute

ABI and its talented tech team will engineer and provide a free conference mobile app for Miami Beach participants.
Check back a month before the conference to down load the NCBJ Conference App powered by ABI.

The entire website is designed for use on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

If you search in the Apple App store for NCBJ and get a result saying it cannot find "NCBJ" ...

  1. On your iPad, there is a tiny symbol that when clicked has a drop down menu. It's in the upper left corner or someplace across the top bar (depending which version IOS you are running) and that menu defaults to "iPad Only," but can be changed to "iPhone Only".
  2. Even though you are on a iPad, select "iPhone Only."
  3. Once your iPad is reset to" iPhone only," then the NCBJ app will download on your iPad without any problem.

We can't explain it, we just know it works, and, you will really like the app!