Two Unique “only In MIAMI” Tours

NCBJ has arranged for two group tours to unique properties that are too far away to take a cab.
The tours are open to any NCBJ registrant and price vary by the destination.

Tour participants will be met by 360 Destination staff at the Fontainebleau Concierge Desk 15 minutes prior to departure. The tours will depart promptly by motorcoach. If you miss the bus, there is no NCBJ-provided way to catch up and rejoin the tour. There is a minimum number required for the tour to “go”. If NCBJ cancels the tour due to insufficient sign ups by August 26th, your prepaid fee will be refunded in full. There is a maximum capacity on each tour due to the motorcoach size. During conference registration there is additional information regarding cancellations, refunds and transfers of purchased tours. NCBJ must pay for the reserved tours in full 30 days before the conference which limits flexibility for changing plans.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Vizcaya was the winter residence of American industrialist James Deering from Christmas 1916 until his death in 1925. At the time of Vizcaya’s construction, Miami’s population was around 10,000. More than 1,000 workers were employed in the Vizcaya project, including laborers and craftsmen from the Caribbean and Europe. The house was intended to appear as an Italian estate that had stood for 400 years and had been occupied and renovated by several generations of a family.

The expansive gardens combine elements of Renaissance Italian and French designs. A visit to Vizcaya will arouse your senses! First, you'll pass through Vizcaya’s lush subtropical forest and approach the Main House along a walkway lined with fountains and foliage. The inside of the house is filled with treasures from around the world. Outside, you'll enjoy spectacular views of Biscayne Bay, colorful orchids in the David A. Klein Orchidarium, and the serene gardens and the statues that inhabit them.

TIME: 3.5 HOURS (INCLUDING TRANSFER TIME)       COST: $ 123 per person


8:45 AM Meet at the Fontainebleau Concierge Desk, Main Lobby
9:00 AM Depart Hotel
9:45 AM Arrive at Vizcaya
10:00 AM Guided Tour
10:45 AM Time on own at Vizcaya
11:30 AM Depart for Hotel
12:15 PM Arrive at Hotel


Villa Viscaya














Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Fairchild Tropical Botanic GardenThe moment you enter Fairchild you are transported to the tropics. Sweet fragrances wafting in the warm breezes will remind you of dreams of paradise. Walk under the exotic Vine Pergola with dozens of beautiful flowering vines including ones with sky-blue or jade-green and even candy corn-hued flowers. Visit the Tropical Flowering Tree Arboretum to discover the allspice tree with quilted leaves smelling of the warm spice. Walk along the Lougheed Spiny Forest of Madagascar and find yourself in a land of bizarre and beautiful plants. Stroll down the Allée and spend some time at the Overlook where you can see sparkling lakes and islands beyond.

Find a bench and sit down to read and relax for some peaceful reflection. Explore the Simons Rainforest and find yourself along a rushing stream with surprising waterfalls and petite cascades. Look up into the canopy of towering trees and see amazing orchids, colorful vines and birds-nest anthuriums growing on the trees! Visit the Montgomery Palmetum to see a tropical world filled with palms of all shapes, textures and sizes. Carefully admire palm trunks covered in spines or with fibers like an intricate weaving. Among the palms you will see plants that appear to be from the time of dinosaurs and they are – the cycads, some of the most ancient plants still found growing on this earth. Some of the cycads produce huge, colorful cones filled with seeds. Other cycads are armed with sharp spines and sturdy trunks.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic GardenEnter the delightful Wings of the Tropics exhibit in The Clinton Family Conservatory and find yourself in a world filled with strikingly colorful butterflies flying to nectar-filled flowers. Be blessed by the soft touch of a curious butterfly landing on your shoulder. Continue into the Tropical Plant Conservatory and Rare Plant House and discover a pool of brightly colored cichlids from tropical Africa as well as Dale Chihuly's End of Day Tower. Admire the cork tree that is covered with orchids, ferns and other tropical jewels. Visit the Whitman Tropical Fruit Pavilion and smell the aroma of ripening tropical fruit. As you leave the conservatories, stroll to the Bailey Palm Glade and gaze upon an iconic vista of majestic palms leading to a beautiful lake. Turn around and look down the Cycad Vista and realize that Fairchild has been planned and planted with incredible care. Nowhere else on earth will you see these amazing plants, incredible vistas and experience the pure tropical ambiance that is Fairchild.

Fairchild is considered one of the best botanic gardens in the world. Our plant collection nestles within the beautiful framework of our landscape design providing an unparalleled sense of awe. Our horticultural collections and exhibits make the experience of visiting Fairchild unforgettable through guided and self-guided tours of the Garden.



8:45 AM Meet at the Fontainebleau Concierge Desk, Main Lobby
9:00 AM Depart Hotel.
10:00 AM Arrive at Fairchild Gardens
10:00 AM Tram Tour
11:00 AM Time on your own in the park
12:15 PM Depart Fairchild Gardens
1:00 PM Arrive at Hotel


Areas available for your “time on your own” include: The Garden’s Collections and Exhibits and Chihuly At Fairchild, the Chihuly Garden and Glass Gallery in the Rose-McQuillan Arts Building, The Shop at Fairchild, Wings of the Pacific, Tropical Plant Conservatory, the Rare Plant House and the Whitman Fruit Pavilion.