Check Out the Washington D.C. Tourism Website

There is a Washington D.C. tourism website packed with information: to find it,  CLICK HERE

It is a great place to find out what is going on in Washington D.C. at any given time and what is available all of the time. It has so much information it is also overwhelming. It’s a tourism site on steroids, fueled by the impressive array of museums, galleries, memorials, monuments, government agencies, theaters, nightclubs, tours, and other things to do and see in Washington D.C.

You can find out, for example, about available offerings in theaters, nightclubs and other entertainment venues during the time of your visit to Washington D.C. You can find out about how to arrange tours, such as tours of the Bureau of Engraving & Printing, the U.S. Capitol, the FBI building, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, and the White House. The site tells you which tours require advanced reservations and how to make the reservations. Some tours require reservations months in advance. So if you really want to see something, check about reservations many months before your visit.

You can also use the Washington D.C. tourism site as a list of possible things to do.  It also has information about how to get to places.