ABLJ Symposium – A Battle of Preeminent Bankruptcy Scholars

The second concurrent session at the Annual Conference will feature an academic debate (with real world implications) that is certain to be informative and lively. Situated as a mock Senate judiciary committee hearing, Laura Coordes, Diane Dick, Bruce Markell, and Jay Westbrook each will serve as witnesses and offer their own perspectives on the equitable powers of the bankruptcy court and what, if anything, needs to change. Their positions will be vetted and challenged by our mock Senators, Kenneth Klee, Melissa Jacoby, and Richard Levin. The dialogue will range from the genesis of the bankruptcy court’s equitable powers to how courts, including the Supreme Court, have interpreted those powers, to what the future will (or should) hold for the role of equity in bankruptcy cases.

To learn more about the equitable powers of the bankruptcy court, be sure to attend this year’s American Bankruptcy Law Journal 2019 Symposium at the NCBJ Conference. The program is on Thursday, October 31, 2019, at 11:00 a.m.

This scholastic event is made possible by the generous donations of The American College of Bankruptcy and the American Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Section.

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The Honorable Elizabeth E. Brown
Editor in Chief, American Bankruptcy Law Journal
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, District of Colorado

Blog Editor’s Note:  I cannot imagine a more impressive group to present this program. This program alone should be worth the cost of admission to the Conference