Blog Purpose and Rules


The purpose of the NCBJ Conference Blog (the “Blog”) is to promote interest in and the success of the NCBJ Annual Conference (the “Conference”) by providing a dynamic resource for learning about all things related to the Conference. It will include postings about the venue, programs, presentations, receptions, and related topics. Contributors to the Blog may include bankruptcy judge members of the NCBJ, the NCBJ Technology Committee (the “Committee”), Conference affiliates, and other bankruptcy or insolvency professionals.


  1. All bankruptcy and insolvency professionals are welcome to submit material for posting to the Blog, consistent with the purpose of the Blog. The Blog Administrators, three bankruptcy judges appointed by the Committee, may invite Conference affiliates and others to submit posts.
  2. Blog Administrators will approve submissions for posting to the Blog that are consistent with the purpose of the Blog and otherwise consistent with the Blog rules. The decision of the Blog Administrators whether to post a submission will be final. If the Blog Administrators determine that a submitted post should be edited, the Blog Administrators may work with the author on suggested revisions.
  3. Authors of Blog posts must include their actual name, telephone number and firm/company/organization when they register. Posted submissions will be identified by the author’s actual name (not a screen name), firm/company/organization, and the date posted.
  4. Submission of material to the Blog for consideration will constitute a non-exclusive license to use the contribution on the Blog, and is permission for the NCBJ to use and re-use that material without additional authorization.
  5. Blog entries must not contain adult content; crude, offensive, or derogatory content; content that infringes copyrighted material; language that threatens violence, is harassing or annoying, or is personal or confidential in nature; or material that is solely commercial or that constitutes advertising.
  6. No Blog posts may contain spam, malware or viruses, and ordinarily may not contain links to sites unrelated to the Conference.
  7. Blog Administrators may in their sole discretion delete any comment made to a post that violates paragraph 5 above or is not made by someone in the insolvency professional community.