June 18, 2021
Times on the printed schedule are EASTERN. On the virtual platorm, the times adjust to viewers time zone automatically.
Sessions that stream live at crazy early times for the West, will be available on the platform for viewing at your convenience.
Sunday, October 3, 2021
5:00 PM6:00 PMCohorts Welcome Meet UpLive Streaming (No CLE)
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
12:30 PM1:30 PMNCBJ Judges Virtual Roundtable: Ethics Roundtable with The JudgesLive Zoom (CLE)
6:30 PM7:00 PMBehind The Scenes Video ReportRecorded (No CLE)
7:00 PM8:00 PMAll Cohort Meet Up With Cohort Judge HostsLive Zoom (No CLE)
8:00 PM9:00 PMABI Wednesday Zoom - NCBJ EditionLive Zoom (No CLE)
Thursday, October 7, 2021
8:15 AM8:30 AMBehind the Scenes ReporterRecorded (No CLE)
8:30 AM8:45 AMWelcome to Indy VideoLive Streaming (No CLE)
8:45 AM9:45 AMNCBJ Plenary: Participants Start Your Engines! - Jeopardy, The Broken Bench EditionLive Streaming (CLE)
11:00 AM12:00 PMNCBJ: You Be the Race DirectorLive Streaming (CLE)
12:00 PM1:00 PMNCBJ Plenary: Diversity & Inclusion in the Bankruptcy ProfessionLive Streaming (CLE)
2:00 PM3:15 PMAround the World In 75-Minutes - International Judicial Training In A PandemicModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
2:15 PM3:15 PMCLLA Luncheon: Lawrence P. King Award & Frank Koger Memorial Program(CLE): Ethics Goes to the MoviesLive Streaming (CLE)
3:00 PM3:30 PMBehind the Scenes ReporterRecorded (No CLE)
3:00 PM4:00 PMNCBJ Plenary: Participants Start Your Engines! - Jeopardy, The Broken Bench EditionModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
4:00 PM5:00 PMNCBJ: To Admit, Or Not To Admit - That Is the QuestionModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
5:00 PM5:45 PMSALON # 04: Make Whole Premiums in Bankruptcy - Dry Hole Or Gusher?Moderated Live Webinar (CLE)
6:00 PM6:45 PMSALON # 05: Structured Payment of Ch. 7 Legal FeesModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
7:00 PM7:45 PMSALON # 06: Pickin' Up the Pieces: The Collision Between Bankruptcy & ArbitrationModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
8:00 PM8:45 PMSALON # 02: Litigation Finance in Bankruptcy: A Potential Game-ChangerModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
9:00 PM9:30 PMCohorts Drop In, Meet UpLive Zoom (No CLE)
Friday, October 8, 2021
8:15 AM8:45 AMBehind The Scene IMS Party ReportRecorded (No CLE)
8:45 AM9:45 AMABI Program: Higher Ed and Charter School RestructuringLive Streaming (CLE)
8:45 AM9:45 AMNCBJ Plenary: Even the Circuits Can't AgreeLive Streaming (CLE)
11:15 AM12:15 AMABI (CLE): Unsecured Creditors Do Not Need To Be The LosersLive Streaming (CLE)
11:15 AM12:15 AMNCBJ Plenary: Changing Up The CodeLive Streaming (CLE)
12:00 PM12:45 PMSALON # 03: When Keeping Something Means Doing Nothing - The Automatic Stay & Retention of Estate PropertyModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
4:00 PM5:00 PMABI (CLE): Higher Ed and Charter School RestructuringModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
4:15 PM5:15 PMTurbocharging the Bankruptcy Code - Covid-Responsive Legislation - Virtual Judges' RoundtableLive Zoom (CLE)
4:15 PM5:00 PMSALON # 10: Liquidating TrustsModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
5:15 PM6:15 PMABI (CLE): Rebuilding After COVID: A Macro ViewModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
5:15 PM6:00 PMSALON # 11: Keeping Consumer Bankruptcy Appeals on TrackModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
6:15 PM7:00 PMSALON # 09: Retail & REIT Bankruptcies: A Pit Stop or a Pile Up?Moderated Live Webinar (CLE)
7:15 PM8:00 PMSALON # 08: Anatomy of Section 523 ActionsModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
8:15 PM9:15 PMNCBJ Plenary: Even the Circuits Can't AgreeModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
Saturday, October 9, 2021
10:00 AM11:00 AMABI (CLE): Unsecured Creditors Do Not Need To Be The LosersModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
10:00 AM11:00 AMNCBJ: Speeding Out of the Pandemic: Courts, Practitioners and the Road AheadLive Streaming (CLE)
10:15 AM11:00 AMSALON # 12: Cybersecurity 2021- The Caution Flag Remains OutModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
11:00 AM12:00 PMABI (CLE): Mortgage Modification in Bankruptcy - Consumer TopicModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
11:15 AM12:00 PMSALON # 07: Student Loan Litigation in BankruptcyModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
12:00 PM1:00 PMNCBJ Plenary: Minority Banks & LendingModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
1:00 PM2:00 PMNCBJ: Streamlined and Speedy: Driving the Sub V VehicleModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
2:00 PM3:00 PMNCBJ: Speeding Out of the Pandemic: Courts, Practitioners and the Road AheadModerated Live Webinar (CLE)
3:00 PM3:15 PMSee You at NCBJ 2021 in Orlando, FloridaRecorded (No CLE)