Editor’s Welcome to the NCBJ Annual Conference Blog + Index to Blog Posts

Welcome to the Blog for the NCBJ Annual Conference in Indianapolis. A good place to start is NCBJ President Frank Bailey’s President’s message for the Conference Blog, which you can find HERE. Judge Bailey (Bankr. D. Mass.) and his team have been working hard to put on a conference that will be both educational and entertaining.

The NCBJ Annual Conference is a great place to learn, network, and have fun. It uniquely provides a forum for a wide variety of bankruptcy and insolvency organizations. Bankruptcy Judge Daniel Collins (D.Ariz.) is this year’s NCBJ education chair.

Keep checking back to the Blog to read more posts. You will find new articles about Conference programs and events, things to do and see in Indianapolis, and more.


This Index contains clickable links to Blog posts and will be updated as posts are made. Just click the name of the post you wish to view. You can also find posts by using the Categories or the Search Posts by Keyword features on the Home Page.

NCBJ’s President’s Welcome Message

NCBJ President’s Welcome Message

Things to Do, Restaurants, and Pubs in Indianapolis

Judge Thuma’s Guide to Indianapolis: Bars, Pubs and Taverns

Judge Thuma’s Guide to Indianapolis: Great Places to Visit Near the Conference Hotel

Judge Thuma’s Guide to Indianapolis: Restaurants

Judge Thuma’s Guide to Indianapolis: More Interesting Things to Do