April 15, 2022

(As of August 1, 2022, subject to change)

NCBJ badges are admission to NCBJ education programs with the exception of those by application/invitation
See note at end of schedule for information about CLE/CPE credit

Wednesday, October 19th
8:00 AM4:00 PMTrial Skills Workshop co-sponsored by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges and the American Bankruptcy Institute (by application) (CLE)U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Orlando
1:00 PM3:30 PMNCBJ Next Generation (by invitation)Palms B.R. /Canary 1 & 2
1:00 PM4:00 PMNCBJ Blackshear Presidential Fellowship Program (by application)Offsite
Thursday, October 20th
8:30 AM8:45 AMNCBJ Opening Ceremonies & Excellence in Education Award PresentationPalms B.R. /Sago & Sabal
8:45 AM9:45 AMNCBJ Opening Plenary: Bankruptcy Boom or Bust - How Far Is Too Far and Is the Day of Reckoning Here? (CLE)Palms B.R. /Sago & Sabal
10:15 AM11:15 AMABLJ Symposium: Arbitration & Bankruptcy - You Got Questions, We Got Answers presented by the American Bankruptcy Law Journal, American Bar Association and American College of Bankruptcy (CLE)Palms B.R. /Sago & Sabal
10:15 AM11:30 AMNCBJ 5 Secrets to a Magical Sub-V (CLE)Palms B.R. /Canary 1 & 2
11:30 AM12:30 PMNCBJ Plenary - The Devastating Impact of the Opioid Crisis featuring Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Eric Eyre (CLE)Palms B.R. /Sago & Sabal
1:45 PM3:15 PMJudges Roundtable: Passing the Gavel-Demystifying the Judicial Appointment Process (limited eligibility, advance registration)Grand B.R. 7A
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 3rd Circuit Breakout (everyone welcome)Crystal G1
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 4th & DC Circuit Breakout (CLE) (everyone welcome)Crystal DEF
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 5th Circuit Breakout (everyone welcome)Grand B.R. 7B
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 6th & 7th Circuit Breakout (everyone welcome)Palms B.R. /Canary 3 & 4
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 8th & 10th Circuit Breakout (everyone welcome)Crystal AB
4:00 PM5:00 PMNCBJ Joint Circuit Breakouts Joint Social (everyone welcome)Crystal Foyer Central Atrium
Friday, October 21st
8:30 AM8:45 AMNCBJ Remarks & Inns of Court Award PresentationPalms B.R. /Sago & Sabal
8:45 AM10:00 AMNCBJ Plenary: Briefing and Arguing Technical Bankruptcy Appeals Before the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts (CLE)Palms B.R. /Sago & Sabal
10:30 AM11:30 AMNCBJ - ACB International Program: The Role of International Courts and Forums in Insolvency Dispute Resolution - Past, Present, and Future (CLE)Crystal KL
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 1st & 2nd Circuits Breakout & Social (everyone welcome)Palms B.R. /Canary 3 & 4
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 9th Circuit Breakout & Social (everyone welcome)Palms B.R. /Canary 1 & 2
3:30 PM5:00 PMNCBJ 11th Circuit Breakout & Social (everyone welcome)Crystal J2
Saturday, October 22nd
8:00 AM8:30 AMNCBJ "Breakfast time" with a JudgePalms B.R. /Royal
8:30 AM9:45 AMNCBJ Ethics Roundtable with Judges: A Muggle Ride on the Ethics Express: Ethics Still? Always (CLE)Palms B.R. /Royal
8:30 AM9:45 AMNCBJ Program: Gradually, Then Suddenly: The Bankruptcy of Detroit, a documentary film and commentary by Producer/Director, Sam KatzPalms B.R. /Sago
10:15 AM11:15 AMNCBJ Closing Plenary: The Role of the Bankruptcy Judge (CLE)Palms B.R. /Sago
CLE/CPE Notes: NCBJ applies for CLE/CPE credit for NCBJ, AIRA, ABI and CLLA programs. CLE credit approval is up to each state, and not guaranteed. NCBJ Circuit Breakouts with written materials will apply for CLE credit. Unknown at this time which circuits will have written materials available in order to file CLE applications.